Grass Roots,a luxury tent in Wayanad

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness” – John Muir

We were chained with daily chaos and chores like everyone else. With lines of code and black screens, peace and serenity started fading away. Days were monotonic and every activity seemed programmed just like the applications we work on. To break the monotony, we planned to take a break from the hassle, relax and spend some quality time.

Started by browsing, list went long and finally zeroed down to Grass Roots, Wayanad.

DAY 1:

We started from Bangalore around 11am and it was about 6-7 hours journey according to the maps. The sun was high but we didn’t feel the heat as the roads were fenced with line of trees. Around 3:30 pm, we reached Bandipur National Forest where the anxiousness turned into numbness. Empty roads, pin drop silence, birds chirping and warning signs of elephants, bison and tigers, all these were enough to create the numbness in us. It took around 45mins to cross Bandipur and return to our normal heart beat state . Kerala starts from where Bandipur ends.


Grassroots was situated amidst a village which looked more of like a forest than an actual village.It was around 7pm when we drove in. Grassroots has their own parking space and arrangements for the stay of the driver. So we were pacified that the driver wont have any trouble.

It was a kind of thrill feel when we walk down the forest to our tent.


But the thrill turned into pleasure when we stepped in. The tent was much more than a tent. It was a heaven of luxury amidst the nature. We freshened up and had our dinner. Grassroots do not have menu, but that doesn’t upsets any customers. They have fixed menu everyday and each item was deliciously cooked. That night we had Indian food. There were chapatis, rice, cauliflower curry and paneer curry. It filled the belly and soul well.


DAY 2:

That night it was his birthday too. I have informed them about this prior, over phone and they brought us a cake at sharp midnight which was a surprise for him. My plan of surprising him worked well. Here is a glimpse of it.


It took us a while to sleep that night as there were a variety of insects chirping outside and it perfectly created an ambiance of a scary night. So we talked a lot that night to devoid ourselves from outward noises and finally got tired and slept.

Next morning we woke up with peace. Curled up the tent window and a beautiful green view waiting outside to welcome us. We had to go down for breakfast. The dinning space was just a block below the tents.  Walking through the narrow alley with plants and trees and nature and taking fresh air, was exactly what we needed.




They have both outdoor and indoor sitting arrangements . We opted for outdoor seating and trust me, having breakfast amidst nature, was just the next level of nirvana. What a feeling!


Ahhh ! Sorry the plates are empty and we are looking broken. Hunger and yesterday’s trip made us look that way.

We went for a drive that afternoon. Wayanad is full of hills, dense forests and tea gardens. The greenery everywhere was a real treat to our eyes. Wayanad is all about peace and you feel every bit of it as you drive along the curly roads.


We returned back to our tent before the sunset.

The menu for that night’s dinner was a continental spread. Jasmin rice, boiled and sautéed veggies, crispy fried chicken, fruits and french fries. We forgot taking the snaps which we usually do because we started drooling on the food. That was our last night on the tent.

Our trip was more of a relaxing one so we explored less and rejuvenated more.

Next morning we bid a good bye to the manager and the staffs.

It all started with anxiousness and curiosity but ended with many beautiful memories. Wayanad, we will come back again!