The Tale of a Luxurious Sunderban Houseboat

Surprised, by reading the title ? Houseboat, that too luxurious in Sunderban ?

Curious ???

In general, Kerala is known for houseboats. But very few know that West Bengal also has its own – Sunderban Houseboat Luxury


So, here I bring my stay in there for one night to celebrate my 25th birthday with my family…..

17th December 2016 :

9:00 am: A Tata winger arranged by this houseboat, came to pick us up at our house in Kolkata, West Bengal,India.

11:30 am: We reached Godkhali (Gateway to Sunderban) and were given welcome drinks there.Within 10/15mins our boat arrived and we finally boarded.

12:00 pm: The Houseboat finally left the jetty for Sajnakhali .

Now begins the actual journey in the land of mangrove, forest and off-course the king of the jungle, the very famous Royal Bengal Tiger .

A little glimpse inside our houseboat 


Enroute lunch was also served. Sorry don’t have proper pictures of food because I am much foodie than a photographer.

Bengali food was served like rice, fish curry, aluvaja (potato fries), dal(lentils), papad, misti doi (sweet curd) and rosogolla

After having lunch, when everyone went for a power nap, I never expected or imagined that the next thing which happened would be one of my best experience ever.

I got an opportunity to learn to sail this houseboat from our lovely captain!

After having lunch, we went for some side seeings for Sajnakhali Watch Tower, Sajnakhali  Museum, Sunset Point and Dobanki.

It was around 6pm then , tea with snacks were served and the boat was anchored in the middle of the river for that night.

After freshened up and having snacks when we went to the upper deck ,the cool breeze, the mild swing of the anchored boat and the view being in the middle of the river, it takes in a total different zone.


Finally when I was going to call it a day after dinner,I couldn’t. Why ?

Here it goes…


The lovely staffs out there planned a birthday surprise for me. My door was knocked at exact 12 am and was requested to come up for a while and I bumped into this.

This is how our next day and my birthday 18th December started…

The next day morning began early. We were told that we may get the privilege of getting the holy sight of The Royal Bengal Tiger. Unfortunately, we could manage to see only his footprint. That alone brought shivers and chill in us.
Rest of day was more of food, gossip, wishes and off course clicking some good pictures of the birthday girl.

The checkout time came around 12 pm and there came the sad part of the journey, to bid a goodbye and return back with more promises and many beautiful moments.

Smiling Good-Byes from some of my favourite staffs…