Varieties in flavours from one and only Beyond Flavours

And this is the menu card and not a bottle and it comes with varieties of flavours in it. Chinese, Continental, Kebab, European, South Indian and North Indian… Phew !!!  So many right. The menu doesn’t end here it comes with some varieties in mojitos too.

Menu Card

 Beyond Flavours , located in Gachibowli is a restaurant cum bar and I will give it a rating of 4.5/5 for its awesome food and great ambience. 

I will start with the beverages section, we ordered :

  • Guava on Fire (3.5/5) : It is a combination of guava juice, coriander, ginger, chilli and some masala . I liked the way it was presented, but it would have been more good if the proportion of chilli would have been a little less. Price – Rs.169.
  • Romance at Beyond Flavours (4.5/5) : It is a combination of sprite, grenadine and lemonade and I just loved it ! It was so soothing to have. Price – Rs.149.
  • Virgin Blue Lagoon (4/5) : It is a combination of lemonade, soda and curacao. It was good nothing special to mention. Price – Rs.149.
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From Left : Guava on Fire,Virgin Blue Lagoon and Romance at Beyond Flavours

Now let’s come to the starter part. We ordered –

  • Fish n Chips from European starters section (4/5) : It was crispy outside and soft inside with french fries as add-on. Price – Rs.329.


  •  Kodi Drumstick from South Indian starters section (4.5/5) : It was a well fried tender chicken with a perfect balance of spices. Price – Rs.299.

Now lets come to that section which I know you are really waiting for –

The Mains !

  • Mutton Basket Biriyani  from Hyderabad Flavour section (4.5/5) :  Thinking of it, I feel so hungry. It was so Soul n Belly full-filling.  Ah ! Thats a word I use when I become too happy eating .  Long rice grains with  small pieces of mutton mixed evenly come  along  with mutton curry, salan and raita. So you can say it’s really a basket of biriyani and the basket is edible too . Its enough for two and also comes with chicken option.Price – Rs.349.
  • Baked Chicken Biriyani (4/5) : This was something which was very new to me. It came with a layer covered . And what was that layer of ? It was a layer of baked maida which contains, two equal halves of a boiled egg and an omelette . The biriyani rice was very light weight with two chicken leg pieces which was well cooked with spices. Its enough for one person but not two. Price – Rs.329.
  • Bharwan Pista wala Murgh from Indian mains section (3.5/5) : This will not disappoint you for sure. Stuffed Chicken breasts with spicy curry. People find it amazing but I didn’t find the taste that appealing as it sounded. Price – Rs. 279.
From Left : Basket Biriyani, Bharwan Pista wala Murgh and baked biriyani.

After the enourmous consumption, our belly was about to explode. We ended our dinner with two scoops of chocolate ice – cream.

It was a wonderful experience. I will be visiting again very soon to taste the continental dishes which is my all time favourite and also the dessert part along with others for which my belly will craves for always. I will update my next visit soon.

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Till then keep on having Soul n Belly full-filling food !

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