7 Best Street Food Under Rs 100 in Hyderabad

1. Kondapur Police Battalion Street : Matar fry, samosa ragada,punugulu, mirchi bhaji, al0o bonda, jalebis and happiness.

Must Try : Aloo Bonda, Punugulu, Mirchi Bhaji, Matar Fry and Samosa Ragada

2. YELO Chai : Ginger tea, masala tea, samosa, ghee jalebi,pyaaz kachori,dal kachori…phew… click here to know the full menu.

Must try : Pyaaz Kachori,Ginger Tea & Masala Tea

3. Udipi’s Upahar : Set dosa,poha,upma,idli and some other south indian delight for morning breakfast.

Must try: Set Dosa & Poha

4. AM PM Dosa Point : If you have craving for dosa at midnight, head to this place located in Gachibowli.

Must try: Ghee Cheese Masala Dosa

5. Bombay Kulfis : Craving for some kulfi ? Try this place !

Must try: Special Mix Kulfi Plate

6. Chicken Shawarma Hub: A place with varieties of shawarma around

Must try: Veg & Chicken Shawarma both

7. Hunger Maggi Point: This is the place for all maggie lovers out there. Almost 24 types of maggie available here.

Must Try: Fried Cheese Chicken Maggie

Go experience the best of food under 100 bucks in Hyderabad.