Gota Seddho(Whole Boiled veggies curry) | Veg Dish | Bengali Dish | Saraswati Puja Special

Gota Seddho(Whole Boiled veggies curry):

As per tradition, 5 kinds of vegetables are added . Everything must be whole, no chopping allowed and cooked in a pot/handi. It is a prepared on the day of Saraswati Puja and eaten cold with rice on the next day, the day of Sheetal Shasti. It is made in almost all bengali household and recipe may differ a little from place to place.


1. Five kind of whole lentils (Bengal gram, green gram, kidney beans, toor daal and chick peas).Soak them in water for 5/6 hours.

2. Five types of whole vegetables – baby eggplant, baby potatoes, baby sweet potatoes, peas in pods and seem (broad beans).

3. A teaspoon of black pepper

4. 3/4 green chilies, 2/3 bay leafs and 2/3 dry red chillies.

5. Ginger paste

6. Black pepper

7. Ghee

8. Oil

9. Salt & sugar

10. Cumin powder

11. Turmeric powder

12. Spinach and jujube(optional).


It’s a very simple recipe without much spices. Just make sure the vegetables are washed properly. In a big pot, pour oil, dump the soaked lentils and the veggies, add ginger paste, green chilies, cumin powder, turmeric powder, salt and sugar. Boil till the lentil are cooked through. You can even pressure cook everything for one whistle.Once everything is cooked, add a table spoon of ghee and a table spoon of black pepper.

Though by tradition, we have it on the next day with rice, but you can also have it hot with roti/rice. You can have some potato fries with this as an add-on.

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