Cook Milk bikies pudding with me for your bae this valentine

So are you someone like me who has lot of work to do at office but then also want to make some time and surprise your special one ? Or you are someone who has not been able to decide yet what to gift ?

In either of the case,if your bae is foodie and who have less time in hand then my “Milk bikies pudding” come to your rescue with your regular things at home just in 20mins.

So here I have used Milk bikies biscuits but you can use of your own choice too. So without wasting anymore time let’s get started !


1. Two eggs

2.  A biscuit packet ( here I have used milk bikies)

3. Sugar

4. Milk

5. Water

Aren’t these ingredients always available at home ?



Pour a cup of granulated sugar in a saucepan , add 1/3 cup of water and cook it in medium flame. After 2/3 minutes you will find it has turned to a thick brown syrup which we call caramel syrup. Now pour it on a pan and let it cool for few minutes.


In the meantime,take out blender and start adding two eggs,milk bikies biscuits and 1 cup of milk to it. Pour this batter on the caramel. Cover the pan with a plastic foil,place it it on a steamer and cover the steamer with a lid. Let it get steam cooked for 10/15minutes.

And it is done. Let it cool down, place it on your plate, decorate it as you wish and keep it in refrigerator to surprise your bae.


I surprised him with this today at 12:00 am and now it’s your turn !  Let me know in comments about your feedback.