Bread Malai

My soul was craving for something sweet but my mind asked me to control. Does this happen with you also ?

If your answer is yes,then I must say I found a solution for this. A very easy recipe in just 15mins with some healthy contents. I am sure many of you have heard of “Rasmalai” and you can say this one is it’s much less sweet version which I have named as “Breadmalai”.

Excited ? Let’s get started.


  • 8/10 bread slices
  • Toned milk
  • Jhola gur ( a liquid syrup made from sugar plant)
  • Raisins
  • Cashew
  • Cardamon
  • Cheery (optional)


  • Heat the milk in a pan.


  • Add two cardamon in it.
  • After 5mins add jhola gur or any other jaggery you want it well. Leave this for 10mins.


  • Meanwhile cut the breads in circular shape.


  • Add raisins and cashew in milk.


  • Now take a bowl,place the cut breads there and pour the milk over it.
  • You can garnish with some cherry or almonds.
  • Have it after it cools down and best if you have it after keeping in refrigerator for 20/30mins.


So there ithis simplest recipe when I crave for something sweet. Let me in know in comments about your feedback. Stay healthy stay happy !