Watermelon sorbet

When the sun smiles and the mercury rises, mango, watermelon and mint can be your avengers to beat the heat.
Presenting the reincarnation of watermelon sorbet teamed with aamrass and mint. It helps you keep yourself hydrated, boost the immune system and cools down your body and mind. Thus helping you in fighting the battle of summer.

The recipe is very simple. Froze your watermelon for few hours, after blending it well. Now to make Aamras ,add milk,jaggery & mango and blend them well. Then in a bowl,take the freezed watermelon as scoop (2-3 scoops as you prefer) ,pour the aamras on it and serve . You can also have it as a drink by mixing everything above. You can add mint and nuts too if you wish.

Enjoy your summer days & stay hydrated !