Cucumber-skin Fritter Sandwich

On this Mother’s Day , we all want to gift our mom something special,then why not make her one.

Let me tell a very simple recipe which you can make for breakfast/evening meal.

We all love cucumber but we discard it’s skin. But what if we can make some patty for our sandwich with this skin. Let me take you through my new recipe  “Cucumber-skin Fritter Sandwich” !


  • 4 Cucumber skin
  • Coriander
  • Green chilli
  • Onion
  • Brown bread
  • Gram Flour(Besan)
  • Beetroot
  • Cheese
  • Carrot



Let’s make the patty first. Take the Cucumber skins and shred them using a grater. Chop onions,green chilli and coriander. Now take a bowl add Gram flour, Cucumber skin and the rest chopped things. Add water and mix them well to make a thick mix. Now make a round shape with your hand and fry them in oil. Your Cucumber skin fritter ready as patty.

Meanwhile cut beet root in round shape and boil them.

Now take the bread and cut them in round shape and toast them.

When you are done with all these,take one bread, place a cheese slice on it,then a beetroot,then the fritter and at the end some round onions. Now place another bread on it and your sandwich is ready.

Garnish them with shredded carrots and cheese and serve it to your mom with tea /e filter coffee(in the photo) and enjoy the smile on her face.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom reading this recipe.