TGIF : Jumbo meals @295

Life is like a platter. You get served with different things. To enjoy the platter of life, you need friends because friends who eats together, stays together.
Here in TGIF you get a lot of such platters.


Like this platter with things like grilled chicken breast, spaghetti,cherry tomatoes, garlic butter broccoli and bruchestta cheese bread. And you can enjoy them with crispy Cajun onion rings/ roasted jalapeno potato skin / etc.


Mouth watering right ? But it’s just the beginning.
Let me tell you about some other lip smacking lunch meal platters  which is available at just Rs. 295 from Monday to Friday between 12pm – 5pm with a glass of coke/fanta/sprite/lemonade @ TGIF.


Cottage cheese tchoupatoulis : Spicy cottage cheeses cooked in a curry cooked in  mustard sauce with  peppers and mushrooms. Comes with tomato rice and seasoned vegetables. There are many side options as I have mentioned before and here I choosed it with bruchestta Cheese bread.


Garlic Shrimp delight pizza : 9 inch 6 pieces thin crust pizzas with dices of garlic shrimp,olives,cheese with basil sauce accompanied by grilled corn cob and onion rings are sheer delight.


Country fried mushroom chicken : Crispy battered fried chicken breast with sauteed mushroom and melted mozarella cheese served with seasonal leafy vegeatbles and garlic bread.


Garden Chicken Spaghetti : One of my favorite. Grilled chicken breast served over spaghetti tossed with red cheery tomato, spinach leaves,red cabbage accompanied by bruchestta garlic bread and garlic butter broccoli. You can choose onion rings as its side.


Nachos,burgers are also available in meals along with hot brownie icecream as dessert. Mocktails were refreshing specially the blue icea tea.


All the meals are sufficient for one and such pocket friendly that from college goers to professional all can have their lunch here.