Scorching summer & Lassi

Scorching summer heatwaves  are  in all glory and we cannot wait to get our quota of cooling summer staples. Lassi is that one chilled and refreshing drink everyone swear to.
Made by churning curd(yogurt), lassi is thickened to a cream consistency and then topped with additional flavours ( optional and as per your desires). Be it rose syrup, mango or kesar, lassi tastes scrumptious with almost all flavours. From salty to sweet, there are many variations of lassi and can be  garnished with dry fruits.
Traditionally, it is served chilled in a glass.
Apart from being immensely delicious, it is quite healthy too. This soul atisfying drink has many benefits along with it.
Here I have listed few of them.
1. Lassi contains lactobacillus bacteria that lubricates the intestines, breakdowns the food, absorbs the nutrients and thus aids digestion.
2. If you are on a target to loose some weight, you can substitute your small quick meals with a glass of lassi without actually missing out on any nutrients and vitamins. It makes you full.
3. Excess water in the body causes bloating and lassi is highly recommended as it contains healthy bacteria that helps keep away the bad bacteria and in preventing stomach bloats.
4. Being rich in calcium, lassi helps to make your bone stronger.
5. Since lassi is rich in Vitamin D and Lactic Acid, consuming it boosts the immune system by preparing the body to fight against various diseases.
6. Drinking lassi benefits the skin by cleansing it from within and thus reducing all kinds of blemishes and freckles.