5 places to try out healthy food in Hyderabad

“Eating a very large, lavish dinner results in what I call a ‘fat hangover’! Just like drinking excess alcohol slows you down the next day, eating a large, high fat meal at night overloads your digestive system. It doesn’t get adequate rest through the night, thereby slowing your body physically and mentally the next day.

The key here is to maintain a balance. Eat a light, healthy, carb-included, small dinner every night and see how easily you fall asleep. You’ll wake up happy, fresh and full of life the next day, it will clear your bowels and last but not the least, it will help you lose some weight along the way! “

I read this piece of article in Times of India few days back and somewhere it inspired me.

Moreover in our fast pace life,many of us ignore our health which eventually results in many health issues . Among them most of them are related to weight gain. I too faced that recently and currently I am in a journey to cut down junk and eat more healthy alongside exercises and walking more and more steps. Here goes 5 places which I choose nowadays to go light and healthy.



This place is really one of a kind. Starting from beverages made out of rice to Zoodle Bowls, steaks that comes with Quinoa to Cold Pressed Juices to Ragi desserts, their menu is large and varied.

What you must have : Zoodle Bowl,Ragi Brownie ( in picture )

Perfect for: Lunch & Dinner.

Price :  Reasanoble.



The thing which I love about this place is the portion size. The correct portion with mostly all raw and grilled ingredients. From Pancakes to Miso Bowl, Mediterrian Bowl to Smoothie Bowl, they have it all. A perfect place if you are the one who like it really light for dinner .

What you must have: Pancakes, Mediterranean Bowl ( first one in the picture).

Perfect for: Breakfast & Dinner.

Price :  On a higher side.



What won my heart after entering were two things. 1. Plant placed everywhere which was so soothing to eyes.

2. Soft music of different languages, playing in background which is rare to find.

Now coming to the food it amused me more than the ambience. The innovations they have put towards the food menu are commendable.Quinoa Jhalmuri to Jackfruit coated Spinach Momo to Keto Rice to Fruit Payesam, makes you feel so gastronomically satisfied.

What you must have: Quinoa Jhalmuri ( in picture),Keto rice, Fruit Payesam.

Perfect for: Lunch, Evening snacks, Dinner.

Price :  Reasonable.


Frankly I haven’t been to this one yet,but from my research I founded this. From low fat Pancakes to Morsels to Mediterranean Veggies to Whole Wheat Spaghetti, their menu is just so diverse. I will plan for this place soon and you will be updated with real time encounter here.

What you must have: Whole Wheat Spaghetti, Spinach Hummus with Khakhra Chips, Zucchini Kabab.

Perfect for: Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner.

Price :  On a higher side.



This is a recent one I encountered . Best thing about this place is, they make it live in-front of you with all fresh veggies and sauces according to your choice. From customizing your own  veg / non veg salads that come with Garlic Brown Rice (though optional) to Pita Wraps to Juices, they got it all sorted.

What you must have: Salads,Wraps.

Perfect for: Lunch, Evening snacks,Dinner.

Price :  Reasonable.