Flourless Rava Pancake

Those who have known me for long already know how much I love experimenting with quick recipes. Hunger doesn’t care how much busy you are and the quick recipe which I am going to tell will come as a rescue.

This recipe took just 15mins with only  two ingredients rava & curd . Surprised right ? Let’s go to my today’s recipe Flourless Rava Pancake.


1. One cup rava

2. One cup curd

3. 4/5 spoon jaggery

4. 1/2 tea spoon baking powder

5. 2 table spoon butter / refined oil

6. Raisins / cashew ( optional)


1. Mix well Curd,Rava, Jaggery, minced Raisins and baking powder in a bowl.


2. Heat the pan. Add butter. Then add the Rava mix and cover it with the lid.

3. After 15 mins open the cover and place it on a plate.


You are done ! Isn’t it really quick & easy.

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Tata !