Instagram worthy n chic,Fab Cafe now in Hyderabad


Sharing the same space with FabIndia store in Banjara, Hills this is one of the vibrant and chic cafe I have came across till date. All the corners are so vibrant that you feel like clicking and posing at each corner. You will get ample of contents for your Instagram & Pinterest.



Now let’s come to my favorite part i.e. F – O – O – D !


What we ordered:


  1. Glow Hydration
  2. Jackfruit Momo
  3. Quinoa jhalmuri
  4. Keto rice
  5.  Parsi chicken Dhansak
  6. Kathal ( Jackfruit ) Biriyani
  7.  Fruit Payesam

Let me tell you now how they tasted one by one.

– Glow Hydration was a mix of orange,aloevera and chia seeds which was really a great combo both in taste and health wise.


– Coming to the jackfruit Momo, it was something so different. The outer coating was made of Jackfruit seeds and inside it got spinach. Hats off to innovations.


– Quinoa jhalmuri is the most trending dish of this place. Fried quinoa,puffed rice,makhanas,tomato all got together to make your snacks craving super healthy.


– Keto rice was basically no rice and all cauliflower. Shredded so properly that it looks and tastes almost like rice.

– To eat this rice, we ordered that parsi chicken as a side dish recommend by their stuff. The chicken was so tender and slowly cooked in a lentil curry with seasonal veggies.

– Kathal biriyani,omg how they think and present such delicacies. Need to really know. Jackfruit steam cooked with well marinated spices just like chicken with quinoa  instead of biriyani rice. The aroma was just like the biriyani and that Kathal I meant jackfruit will not let you miss the chicken.


– Fruit Payesam was the ending to this satisfying gastronomical journey. Fruits mixed with Payesam tasted more like a traditional prasadam to me rather than some fancy dessert.


Kudos to FabCafe team for presenting such healthy and innovative options to us.

Fabcafe made my 2nd visit special because I met Shivesh Bhatia. Please read below to know more.


That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading this !

Tata !