Subbayya Gari Hotel for Andhra Bhojanam Hyderabad


Throughout South-east Asia, Banana leaves are used extensively to cook, serve food and as a decorative tool. Especially in South India, food is extensively served in banana leaves as it is considered hygienic, environmental friendly and known to provide health benefits.

But have you ever wondered why and how a simple leaf came to dominate the meal time? Well, here’s your answer. ”

I loved this article and thought to share with you before I begin my unlimited south Indian meal on banana leaf example from one of a very famous food place.

The place is called Subbaya Gari Hotel which started back in 1950 in Kakinada. A very old chain food place now have come to Hyderabad also. There are two very special thing about this place  – 1. Unlimited food 2. You are treated as a family relative and not as customer. 30 items are mandatory in their meal and its a pure veg restaurant.

Timings :  12-4 pm in the morning & 7-11 pm in the night

Listing down some of the items you get unlimited in meal which is for just 250 INR.
Perugu Vada
Bread Halwa
Malai Khaja
Pulihora Rice
Veg Biriyani
Kothimeera Rice
Dondalcaya Pulusu
Aalu Curry
Carrot Boil fry
Punnugula Kurma Curry
Vankaya curry
Pappu curry
Dondalcaya oil fry
White rice
Kandi pori
Butter Milk
Pot Curd
Majjiga Pulusu
Dondalcaya Roti Pachadi
Sweet Pan

Also you can order at home for Bhutta Bhojanam with comes with 15items and costs 350 INR !

Now coming to how my experience was you have to watch this video.

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