Best Keto Cookies – Low Carb & Gluten Free

Keto is nowadays very trending now and I also have started enjoying them. I must say I am not a pro, am just an amateur and still learning. Why I am saying all these ? You know I have a habit of munching on something after my meals or in between work. And while searching for some low carb cookies I came across this Keto cookies by Ketofy.

About the cookies
There cookies are really less in carb, have that raw taste, no wheat flour used and erythritol is used in replacement to sugar. They got this mini keto cookies combo pack of 6 of 400 g quite enough to keep your jar full for good 1/2 months.
I brought this Ketofy cookies via Amazon !


Price : 1400 INR for combo pack of 6.

Know more about their taste in my YouTube video. 

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