Onam, Kerala’s harvest festival in Hyderabad

Onam is celebrated every year from 1st September to 3rd September in Kerala. It signifies the harvest festival. A lavish and elaborate lunch called Onam Sadhya is prepared in every household and now you can enjoy them in Hyderabad also. But before going into where you can have them let me tell some more facts surrounding this festival.

In this festival , everyone dress up in traditional attire. Women clad themselves in white color saree with golden border locally called Kerala Kasavu saree. Men wear mundu. Not only that during this time in every household entrance you can find Flower Rangoli ( Pokallam).


Now let come to the main attraction, Onam Sadhya. 

This was my life’s 1st tym Onam Sadhya. And could have been better in this place which was in my list for long, Simply South , Filmnagar. The Onam special menu was currated by Chef Chalapathi Rao and home chef Annie.
Not only the food, the place also has aunthenticity and simplicity with it.
We were served almost around 20 items. Though seeing so many items I thought I won’t be able to finish it up but they were so delicious that I ended up eating each and everything.

Aviyal ( seasonal vegetables in coconut curd gravy), Kaalan ( raw banana and yam with coconut ), that pappu made with coconut and Moong daal and off course kerala red rice were something that I loved the most and asked them to repeat 2/3 times .
The things which I thought was poori actually turned out to be Kerala papad and I seriously never thought of something like that. Apart from these those beetroot and tamarind pachadi were equally delicious. There were banana chips, burnt chilli , curd and buttermilk also.
Ended my this meal with some desserts. That moong Dal and jaggery syrup was such smooth and delicious. Semiya and Moong daal mixed with kerala rice kheer were also good.

Thank you Simply South for making my 1st ever Onam Sadhya memorable and mouth watering.