Aromas of mountains in the city of pearls, Hyderabad ( Nepalese cuisines)

Whenever it rains or the weather is a little chilly outside  I crave for two things, some hot momos and a cup of tea and today I am talking about the former one. In search of some good momos in some new place, I came across this restaurant called Aama’s.


It means “Mother” in Nepalese and yes it’s a Nepalese restaurant located in Serilingampally very near to Hyderabad University. A really small place with about 5 tables to seat and a pretty basic yet cozy ambinece with that North East feel. You get to see a couple of photographs from Darjeeling, Kalimpong, some wind chimes and those Buddhist mantra prayer flag slowing swiniging at the entrance.


Now coming to my favorite part, food .

We started with their Nepalese chicken thupka ( 170 INR) . It had all boiled veggies, that yummy chicken broth with soft noodles and shredded chicken on the top. It was something perfect to start off the lunch. Next we tried a varities of Momos. This one was sponspored by them as they found out that I am doing a YouTube video ( which will be out next week) and that was such a sweet gesture.
So on the plate there were
Steamed Momo
Chicken Chilli Momo
Chicken Jhol Momo
Chicken Sha Phaley


You get 8 pieces per plate for all of the above except the     Sha Phaley where you get 4 pieces and the prince ranges between 110- 170 INR.  Now coming to how each of them tastes.
Steamed Momo was so soft , the outer layer was so thin and not at all oily. That chicken chilli Momo got a little bit thick curry with a strong flavour of chilli and tomato. Coming to the Jhol one, those momos got a blend of chicken, soyabean and seaseme seed which gives it a very different  aroma and flavour. The last two on this plate was something very new to me . TingMomo and Sha Phaley , I tried for the first time, the former one was a soft fluppy steamed bun look like a ride and the later one is actually a pan fried chicken dumplings.
All of them were equally satisfying.

Next we went one trying their one and only Bhutanese item on the menu – Datshi rice . Datshi means cheese in Bhutanese language. It was kind of a very simple dish which is kind of chilli and cheese stew with some butter, rice and boiled potatoes on the top. It gives you a very homely feeling and costs Rs. 130.


That day we ended our lunch with Sekuwa half plate ( 170 INR). They served three chicken skewers, where the small chicken pieces were Charcoal grilled and went pretty well with that mint mayo sauce and would have been perfect if was little bit more soft.


I know it was a really long post and am happy that you have read it till this much. Do give this place a try and taste those authentic food cooked there.

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