My first time Vegan experience | Vegan Products in India | Go Vegan

Today finally I am penning down my first ever experienced with 100% vegan products . They were free from any animal products. 

Starting from milk to mock meat to icecream to icecream to cosmetics to ghee,they got it all covered.

I was so surprised to find out that companies like
Good Mylk
So Good Almond Milk
White Cub Icecrram
Emkay Lite Ghee
Amul Vegan choclate
Iba vegan Nail polish
Vegan Lipstick from Disguise
Good Dot Vegetarian Bytz are putting so much effort by making milk , choclates, ghee, butter out of soya milk,almond milk and coconut milk.

Not only vegan, most of them got cholesterol and transfat level almost to nil.

And then companies like iba and Disguise making halal certified nail polish and lipstick respectively.

Isn’t that great . I know it’s hard to become vegan suddenly but we can atleast slowly. And for now we can replace some of our dairy products and cosmetics replaced with them according to our convinience.


By the way, if you from Hyderabad , you know the city got it’s plant based vegan store in Gachibowli and it is Plantarium. Do give it a visit.

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