Palm Oil – A foodie’s perspective

“Raise your awareness and share your uniqueness with world.”

What I said above, I meant. This Friday 10th Jan we had an opportunity to get aware of such an uniqueness which I am going to share now. BeforeI begin, let me ask you this. Do you consume palm oil ? If Yes then you must keep on reading to know more and if No then you will be surprised to know that you are actually in few minutes.

Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) at Smoky Pitara Banquet , Hyderabad organized Palm Oil: Gourmet Delight, a bloggers meet cum food hunt. Ms. Bhavna Shah (Country Representative, India and Sri Lanka, MPOC) awared us about Malasiyan Palm Oil which turned out to be most extensively used vegetable oil in the market.


An exhaustive presentation by Bhavna Shah made it very clear to us that directly or indirectly we are consuming palm oil in our daily life. And if you are thinking really ? Then let me tell you , your dear Ferarro Rocher choclate also got palm oil in it.

Surprised , right ?

Now let me tell you few benefits of palm oil to make it more clear.

  • Palm oil is the least expensive oil as compared to other edible oils due to its high-yielding crop which why makes it relatively lesser in price.
  • Palm oil is a most preferred oil in many products like snacks, cosmetics, choclates, etc.
  • Palm Oil doesn’t cause any such health problems like heart condition, skin allergies , etc
  • Palm oil is cholesterol- free and  canbe easily digested.
  • Palm Oil is extensively used for cooking as it holds a very neutral taste that doesn’t add any flavour of the dish.
  • Lastly, for any more queries or informations , please click their website.

And now let’s come to the fun part. The presentation was followed by a group of fun activities with the fellow bloggers. Everyone got divided into group and four fun activities started across few restaurants followed by some photo sessions with some filmy props. And few of us even came dressed up like a Bollywood character and delivered some dialogues on the stage. Kudos to that spirit.


The first one was Ice cream eating which held at 10 Asia kitchen where your group have to make a ice cream sundae and then eat it. Ingredients like Nutella, Fererro Rocher, hide and seek, icecream , etc were used to make it and the best thing is all has palm oil content in it. Next it was followed by a quiz competition on palm oil in Tiki shack where you have to tick mark the correct answers like you used to do back in school.


Once one activity was done, we were given clue cards to decode the next venue and the next one was salad making session with raw palm oil in a place called Urban Asia. Believe me out healthy veggie salad turned out to be really good with the dressing of that palm oil. And finally we reached out our last destination and it was the most favorite part of the day. It was basically a Blind fold food tasting session in Eat India company where you have to guess the ingredients of the dish and write them down. And you know what common mistake we all did ? Forgetting to mention our very own palm oil. Yes I was so amazed to find out that all those yummilicious dishes were cooked in Palm Oil and since it got no flavor so hard to identify but turned out to be as good as any other cooking oil.

Overall, it was not only fun but a thought provoking day and all thanks to #MPOC .

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