Gangani – Grand Canyon of Bengal

We all have heard of Grand Canyon in Arizona, America. But just one month back I came to know there is one miniature version of Grand Canyon in West Bengal, India! 


Its name is GANGANI and a cheap & one-day quick gateway from Kolkata. 

Distance: 180 Km (approx. 3/4 hrs) by train.

Time: 12 hours approx

Spent: 800 INR approx (if you opt for the train)

Transport: Train (Kolkata to Garbeta), train like Purulia Junction Howrah Junction Express, Rupasibangla Express, etc you can take from Howrah/Satragachi station. After reaching Garbeta, rent a car/ battery operated auto-rickshaw to reach Gangani. Its just 4kms away from there. You can also book car if you not comfortable via train.

Best Time To Go:  September – January




6:25 AM: We boarded Rupashi Bangla Express from SATRAGACHI station. We made it a point not to travel by AC as it is cheaper and feels more fun while traveling with friends.

9:20 AM: Reached GARHBETA  right on time. You can negotiate with a TOTO driver(battery operated auto-rickshaw is called TOTO there locally) and booked it for one 200 INR for a round trip to Gangani.

9:45 AM: Reached our destination finally.

3:40 PM: Return back to Kolkata from GARBETA staion via Aranyak Express.

6:50 PM: Reached SATRAGACHI station.



Once you start walking forward you will find a flight of stairs and as you start going down you will witness the Shilabati river. Once you are at the end of those stairs and start going deeper, you will find it prettier. The red soil, green vistas, small-sized palm trees and blue skies with scattered white clouds was the scheme of this place.


We were on a mini-adventure, making twists and turns, walking here and there, climbing and jumping, it was really fun.


Those huge cracks on the wall were perfect to play hide and seek.


You can also go near the river, splash some water on your face and enjoy the cool breeze. People also come here for a Picnic which is good but the thing is this place is also getting plastic polluted and not enough measures are taken. Watch this video to know.


I hope my itinerary helped you in planning your trip to Gangani – Grand Canyon of Bengal. Let me know what you liked most about it in the comments.

See you again in my next blog. Till then keep following me on Instagram for my daily encounters.